The 5 Must-Try Cocktails When You Go Out

Everyone loves going out and having a few drinks after a long hard-working day. Many people prefer to drink the same old beverage every time, but then there are those that love trying new things out, and for them the best place to look for new drinks is the cocktails market. Cocktails, as we all know, are amazing when done by a professional. There are many cocktails that fall just in the middle and you can survive without every trying them, but then there are those that you should definitely try the first time you get a chance.

So, let’s get into the description of some of the best must-try cocktails that made our top 5 lists.

Espresso Martini

The espresso martini is the perfect blend of pure energy and a calming background noise. The cocktail that gives every sweet tooth should try is made from espresso coffee, some coffee liqueur and a dose of vodka. It’s typically served in a martini glass, but it can also be found in traditional stand-up glasses.

Mai Tai

One of the classic cocktails is the Mai Tai, made in a small glass with rum, Orgeat syrup some curacao liqueur and lime juice. it’s the perfect blend of energy and taste if you want to spice up your night.


Cuba has blessed us with many amazing things and the Mojito is one of those things.  Made with some ice and soda, brown sugar cane, fresh mint, rum and lime juice. It’s one of the most refreshing cocktails you can order for hot summer days and nights.


One of the best rum drinks in the whole world is made from lime juice, white rum and a sugary syrup that has a fruity taste. Shake it all up and serve with a strawberry to finish the perfection.

The piña colada

The piña coladaOur favorite drink that is served with white rum, coconut cream or milk, and some pineapple juice mixed in with blended ice. Be careful with this drink as it will feel like a milkshake until you had three of them and then you decide to get up from your chair.