The Healthiest Foods In Restaurants Besides Salads

Eating out has always had its allure as you don’t have to make a mess inside your own kitchen. However, this also has a negative side attached to it with many people, as they are not sure how the food is being prepared and what the amounts of ingredients that are being put in their meals. While we understand that everyone has their own diet that works for them, and we are in no way saying that you should substitute your way of enjoying your meals with our list, but we do want to take some time and point out all the healthy meals people can have while they are in restaurants that are not salads.

So, let’s dive into the top five healthy foods you can order in restaurants:


SteakAs we all know meat is an amazing source of protein, and some meat is healthier than other. While everyone has their favorite, the steak is definitely the best piece of meat you can have while in a restaurant. The meat gets prepared how you like it and it’s so rich in proteins and minerals that you would need to eat double that amount of meat if you would order a different meat.


Seafood is exceptionally healthy due to omega 3 fats and other benefits. However, a lobster is one of those meals you can have and not be afraid of gaining more calories as you enjoy a tasty meal.

Grilled salmon

Grilled Salmon

To continue to list with more seafood a salmon is as healthy as fish come. Put it on the grill and watch it become a tasty meal in 5 minutes. Add some sauce to spice it up and you can enjoy a grilled salmon with almost anything.

Veggie burgers

The burger fad is not for everyone. Luckily the veggie burger is a perfect replacement for regular burgers but without the fattening part. When you don’t know what to eat in a restaurant you can’t go wrong with a veggie burger.