Healthy Pizza with Peanut Sauce

If you are looking for something interesting and healthy to shut down your hunger, try our famous Peanut Sauce Pizza.This pizza topping maybe sounds a bit unusual, but we assure you that the taste is unforgettable. We all know how great peanuts go with grilled chicken, so you will also have that combination of flavors on this crusty pizza. For an extra Asian taste we added some cilantro and bean sprouts. Pizza without a lot of cheese is not a pizza in our world, so you can expect a major batch of cheese on top of everything.

Green Risotto with Beet and Walnuts

This marvelous mix of flavors is just something you have to try when you come to visit us. Rice is very popular in the entire world and there are so many recipes that include rice. We wanted to try something different and unusual for our guests, so we came up with this dish. The Green Risotto is super healthy because of beet, which is very rich with antioxidants. An amazing combination of sweet beet and walnuts is incredible. One vegetable that makes our vegetarian dish green and recognizable is of course – spinach. In this healthy bomb of flavors is also added a goat cheese for a Mediterranean touch.

Colorful Salmon Salad

Colorful salmon salad is for those who are deciding if they are hungry just by the look of food on the plate. All colors of the rainbow are included in this dish. Marinated and grilled salmon chopped in cube shape with boiled eggs, carrots, red bell pepper, purple onion, olives and fresh cucumber. This already sounds delicious, but is tastes like that also. All these healthy ingredients are mixed with Greek yogurt and mayonnaise sauce and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

The Sidecar Cocktail

If you are a huge fan of refreshing Margarita cocktails, which are perfect for thesummer, you will surely fall in love with an irresistible Sidecar cocktail when colder days come. This marvelous drink is very similar to well-known Margarita because they are both members of Sour family. The Sidecar cocktail is made from cognac, fresh lemon and of course, orange liqueur. This drink is perfect for fall because ofmellowness and warmth cognac gives us. We recommend you to try it by the fireplace on a rainy fall night for a dose of magic.

A Rainbow Fruit Tart

If someone told you that desserts can’t be healthy and delicious at the same time, we are here to prove them wrong. This fabulous fruit dessert is just one from our list of healthy sweets. Many people were wondering how can a fruit tart have such an unusual taste, our little secret was a delicious combination of spices, such as cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom. All of these mixed together with a Greek yogurt are the winning thing. Crust is made from cashews and banana. On top of this breathtaking base, we put a bunch of healthy and colorful fruits.

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